Full range of services needed to organize a Medical Congress
Strategic planning and budgeting
"Transparent approach and Financial Guarantee allow A worry-free congress"

ComtecMed is committed to deliver cost effective and value-driven solutions.
ComtecMed will help associations to grow globally, energize performance, share defining moments and deliver skilled logistics.
Together we agree on the vision, aims and financial targets of the congress and implement the work accordingly

  • Pre Finance with no interest
  • Full transparency
  • No risk guarantee
  • Long term financial planning
  • Increased revenues through our teams of specifically trained exhibition/sponsorship and global delegate acquisition experts who are solely focused on helping you to grow your meeting’s attendance, increase industry support of your meeting and increase investment from sponsors.
  • Cost efficiency through our robust infrastructure of suppliers, strong buying power, benchmarking metrics and financial management
  • Monitoring Financial Progress
"Committed to increase industry support"

In the current economic climate, organizations are concerned with increasing efficiencies, reducing spend, achieving transparency, minimizing risk, upholding quality, and aligning messaging across the globe. Our strategic approach helps clients successfully address these organizational challenges and ensure maximum return on investment in their meetings.
  • ComtMed has developed in depth knowledge of industry demands and restrictions such as the pharma code of conduct required in each field and region.
  • ComtecMed followsindustry developments, and is aware of each potential sponsor’s products, when they will release new products and when they need more exposure at conferences.
  • ComtecMed built long term relationships within the industry; we know who will be interested in participating in the exhibits and which sponsors to contact. For the benefit of our clients, we maintain these long lasting collaborations with industry stakeholders so that our clients’ conferences will receive optimum support and exposure.
  • ComtecMed will help to build and implement strategic plans to drive exhibition and sponsorship to each congress, and understand (by carrying out an in-depth client needs assessment) the needs and objectives of exhibitors or sponsors.
  • ComtecMed will ensurea dedicated exhibition and sponsorship manager with a deep understanding of the industry and the association world.

We will:
  • Identify all potential investment opportunities related to the Congress in terms of assets that can be sponsored, as well as find new potential sponsoring partners.
  • Identify all potential additional industry non OBGYN related to bring new potential sponsors.
  • Communicate the benefits of partnering with the congress and the benefits of being a sponsor.
  • Creating customized and value-driven sponsorship packages.
  • Deliver an exhibition plan that maximizes congress attendee footfall, sales prospects and networking opportunities.
  • Contract with the industry and collect payment in advance.
ComtecMed has a long lasting partnership with the following Pharma Companies:
Novo Nordisk, Perking Elmer, Novartis, Bayer, Teva, Medtronic, Allergan, Sanofi Aventis, Abbott, Merck Serono, MSD, AMS, Astellas, Ferring, GE, GSK, IBSA, IPSEN, Jansen Cilag, Olympus, OM Pharma, Recordati, Pierre Fabre, Astra Zeneca, Eli Lilly, BMS, Pfizer, Roche, Takeda and many more leading global pharmaceutical companies.
ComtecMed has a long lasting partnership with non pharma entities who can be potential sponsors for FIGO
Promotion , Marketing and Media Services
  • Conference Website
  • Web-mail Marketing Campaign
  • Direct (Postal) Mailing Campaign
  • Societies and Associations
  • Promotion through Local and members of the Organizing Committee
  • Promotion and marketing at Important Events
  • E-Calendars
  • Journal and Banner Advertising
  • Social Media outreach
Destination Management and Technical services
  • Pre negotiatiation with the congress center to maximize the use and minimize expenses.
  • Advance site visits to the congress venue to get insight of maximizing the venue meeting rooms to fit the scientific program.
  • Contracting with an AV company
  • Pre manual operational needs from the congress venues
  • Check meeting rooms and their capacity in each venue
  • Experienced technician
  • Technical support for sponsors and speakers
  • WFI access to all participants
  • Notification screens in strategic places around the venue
  • Hostesses and Technicians fluent in English
  • Smartphone application allows the participants to meet through the social application and download the scientific program accordingly.
  • Speaker preview room
  • Access barcode to halls (optional)
"The handling of the registration is a real science for you can afford no mistakes"
Prior to the Congress
  • State-of- the –art Congress management software tailored to the specific needs of the congress.
  • Online self registration
  • Group on line and of line registration
  • Automatic letter of confirmation with a receipt  for individuals and groups
  • Periodical reports of registrations according to the categories
On site
"The Registration desks are the first meeting of the participants with the conference"
  • Professional well trained multilingual staff, excusive service oriented
  • On site online self registration
  • Bar-Code registration accessibility to halls.
  • Fast track for collection of registration materials for pre and on site registrant
  • Ability to solve problems timely manner
  • On site reports for FIGO committee of onsite registrations daily

End of Congress

"excellent value for money by maximizing income for the client"
  • Final Registration report in end of Congress
Accommodation Capabilities
"How you make your bed, so you must lie on it"
Prior to the Congress
  • Booking sufficient number of hotel rooms with various categories that range from deluxe accommodation to students hotels.
  • Negotiations forthe best special rates, taking into consideration distance from convention center, and hotel category.
  • Maximum number of rooms at the headquarter hotel, and in hotels that are within walking distance to the convention center.
  • Comfortable deadline and deposit for bookings for participants.
  • Special group policy for companies and groups.
  • Online self accommodation and registration procedure.
  • Group on line and of line accommodation
  • Automatic letter of confirmation with a receipt  for individuals and groups
  • Periodical reports of hotels  according to the categories

On site
"Good night sleep tight"
  • Professional well trained multilingual staff, excusive service oriented
  • On site booking of accommodation services
Events logistics planning and management
"Social events are the spirit of the congress, expressing the character of the participants and the host country"

Meeting one another, establishing contacts, and Meeting with the commercial community

'Comtec' has the experience and reputation of over 25 years of producing mega-events in the world, together with first rate international events, in the leading congress centers around the world.  Each event is designed and planned, orchestrated and processed as a unique production, as a multi-disciplinary artistic creation, as a human experience stimulating the five senses to the utmost. Day or night, on any scale!!!
Not 'like', not 'similar to…' but simply unprecedented.
Due to the inspiration of the 'Comtec' senior staff, these sharp-sighted directors succeed in turning every event into sheer delight, into a unique and breathtaking experience of nuances in hues and sounds, in palate tamers and stimulation. Together with you, they harmoniously forge an elegant focus on the stars of the event…also on those fulfilling secondary roles, also on the aides and in fact on each one of your guests, up to the last one in equal measure till the very end……the premium finale!
Milestones to Congress premium events:
  • Thorough warm, personal research with genuine cordiality, as an inherent part of the service qualities of 'Comtec', whose team has a long tradition of excellent service, who know the people operating and who design the event as the maximum reflection of your dreams and who give total dedication to the realization of your desires.
  • Multi-disciplinary planning of the entire process – interweaving the catering with music, blending special effects in the lighting, constructing the setting and designing every detail of the 'jig-saw" with a unique approach, aspiring and achieving an unprecedented once in a lifetime Premium ambience.
  • 'Comtec's proficiency at paying attention to the 'small details' – before, during and after the event, in every item, in every printed frame and in every word, in all the flavors and scents,  in every dish and goblet, in every piece of furniture and fabric – large and small, in all the special effects, in every form of documentation, in every flower and bouquet, vase and candlestick, in everything that is at the center of the frame and on the margins, in every lighting and sound accessory, in everything!!!
  • Professionalism, planning and performance of the highest international standards, with the leading professionals and suppliers in the field, with the best equipment systems in the world, making no compromises and within a unique process of ongoing quality control.
  • A diverse range of top quality artists, who integrate perfectly into your experience.

The ultimate blend of timing, audience motivation, emotional rhythm and stimulation of the five senses, and most important of all, the designing of unique spheres of supreme happiness and enjoyment
Design: RENDER   |   Development: QUATRO