About Us
Worldwide Medical Congress
is a global professional congress organizer
ComtecMed is a global professional congress organizer which focuses on Medical and scientific congresses, and operates from offices in Barcelona, Shanghai and Tel Aviv.

ComtecMed provides teams and services through our connections with local contacts everywhere in the world.

ComtecMed is an expert in producing professional congresses of the best quality and content at the highest level of perfection. This is accomplished under the direction of world-renowned local and international medical and research specialists.
These events are characterized by ComtecMed’s ability to provide each participant with personalized attention, be it for a small number or thousands of participants.

The success of ComtecMed’s conferences and congresses has created a demand for more; many of which are already planned, and are on the calendar for the next several years.

ComtecMed, founded in 2004, succeeded in enriching the world of events with excellent taste, rich imagination and a multidimensional artistic touch.

Furthermore, ComtecMed infuse any event, of any size, with rich humanity and soul through a magical brush of sensitivity and a capacity to actualize dreams. “It’s all about people” is more than a slogan; it is a daily and highly untraditional way of life.

ComtecMed Global is a division of Comtec Congresses which founded in 1982
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